Retirement & Your Records

Dr. Scott has retired from his office practice.  Letter to my patients.

We enjoy all the Christmas card each year! Our home address is 3217 Annandale Rd. Falls Church, VA 22042

We will be able to transfer your records when you make an appointment with your new doctor – see below. Your records will be stored at our home. Capital Women’s Care is handling all medical issues at 703 698-8060. Alexia is teaching art and selling paintings and prints in our building visit, for classes or for paintings and prints visit email her at studio phone 703 380-5953.

We have arranged with Dr. John F. Maddox, Dr. David R. Berry, Dr. Anne Dobrzynski, Dr. Ivette Couret, Dr. Sona Patel-Grimm, and Dr. Glen Silas at Capital Womens Care to provide care to our patients. Their website is                    Their office Phone (703) 698-8060 Capitol Womens Care, 3023 Hamaker Ct Suite 210 Fairfax, VA 22031 and 13135 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Suite 200 Fairfax, VA 22033. Records to Capital Women’s Care can only be faxed after you have made an appointment.

Dr. James Kacedan is in solo-practice in Fairfax. His office phone is 703 691-1188 and his office address is 10680 Main Street, Suite 190 Fairfax, VA 22030. Dr Kacedan can accept records at anytime. However, Dr Kacedan does not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal program insurance or Medicare.

Your records will remain with us until you request a transfer to the doctor of your choice.

Your Health Records: Recent lab records for all patients (except Aetna patients) can be obtained from LabCorp 888-567-8723

Aetna patients must contact Quest Diagnostic Labs – Visit MyQuest for Patients.

Many of your records such as OB delivery records, mammograms, surgeries and  outside ultrasounds are available at the place where they were preformed. I have attached phone numbers to assist you. Useful Numbers

All current patients (patients who have had an appointment in the past 2 years) may send an email to request recent medical records to or you may send a written request to the office address. Records will not automatically be sent anywhere. Please state your name, date of birth and approximate last visit, along with the doctor’s name and fax number where you would like the records sent. We will (one time) fax  several years of records to your new doctor at no charge – this is generally what they request. However, if you have a complicated history please explain what else you might need sent. After Jan.1st 2016 fees listed below will apply.

To copy, mail, or scan records there is a $10 search and handling fee plus .50 per page for the first 50 pages and .25 cents per page after 50. Paid by check only. Please send the check with written authorization to 106 Little Falls St. Falls Church, Va, 22046 attn: Alexia Scott

Please allow two weeks for completion. All patients who have not been in the office in the last 2 years are already in storage and require additional time to collect and a $10  search and handling fee plus 50 cents for the first 50 pages and .25 per page will be charged. No records past 6 years are available. This is a link to the Virginia Laws regarding your records.

Virginia State Law: Except as provided in subsection G, a reasonable charge may be made by the hospital, nursing facility, physician or other health care provider maintaining the records for the cost of the services relating to the maintenance, retrieval, review, and preparation of the copies of the records. Except for copies of X-ray photographs, however, such charges shall not exceed $0.50 per page for up to 50 pages and $0.25 a page thereafter for copies from paper or other hard copy generated from computerized or other electronic storage, or other photographic, mechanical, electronic, imaging or chemical storage process and $1 per page for copies from microfilm or other micrographic process, a fee for search and handling, not to exceed $10, and all postage and shipping costs. Any hospital, nursing facility, physician, or other health care provider receiving such a request from a patient’s attorney or authorized insurer shall require a writing signed by the patient confirming the attorney’s or authorized insurer’s authority to make the request and shall accept a photocopy, facsimile, or other copy of the original signed by the patient as if it were an original.